"No gold, no glory!" -Trigger Happy's catchphrase

Trigger Happy is a gremlin Skylanders who wields two golden guns. He is in the tech element.


Trigger Happy was a big-time hero. He had enough gold to buy a machine gun and still use the rest as ammo, which he never ran out of. He even had his own autobiography, "Nice shot, Trigger Happy!". But that wasn't enough. So he joined his friend Spyro's hero group, the Skylanders.


Basic Powers

Ka-Ching!: Fire a gold coin.

Not-so-safe: Lob a golden safe.


Worth More: Coins do increased damage.

End of the Rainbow: Lob a pot of gold.

I'll Take the Change: Coins bounce off walls and the enemy.

Mega Machine Gun: Fire bullets from a machine gun.

Path 1: Rising Interest

$500 for a Nickel: Coins do even more damage.

Flip a Coin: Coins flip in the air and do more damage when they land.

Types of Coin: If coins land heads, they explode, if tails, they stun enemies.

Path 2: I'm Rich!

Leap-rechaun: Lobbing a pot of gold while jumping makes it do more damage.

Treasure Room: Pots of gold explode, releasing coins.

Double Value: Fire two pots of gold at once.