"All fired up!"

-Spyro's catchphrase

Spyro is a dragon Skylander and the first Skylander ever, with both a Legendary and Dark counterpart. He is in the Magic element.


Spyro was once a young dragon whose hobby was playing with his friend Sparx. Then, one day, an army of Chompies, Cyclopses, Trogs, and Trolls attacked his town. With the help of his friends Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt, he drove them off and started a band of heroes-the Skylanders.


Basic Powers

Fireball: Breathe a fireball.

Charge: Charge.


Dragon's Fire: Fireballs do more damage.

100-meter Dash: Charge faster and longer.

Dragon Flight: Fly.

Triple Fireballs: Breathe three fireballs at once.

Path 1: Learn the Burn

Long-Range Raze: Fireballs go on until they hit something.

Lit Fuse: The middle fireball explodes.

Super Hot: Charge up a giant fireball.

Path 2: Charging Up

Let there be Light: Horns are lit on fire while charging.

Sun Stun: Charges stun enemies and do more damage.

Blow the Horn: Charging while in flight summons mini-dragons.