Wave 1Edit

This is the first wave for Skylanders Monsters. Note: * means it comes in the starter pack, ** means it comes in the 3DS starter pack, *** means it comes in the dark starter pack, **** means it comes in a battle pack, and ***** means it comes in an adventure pack.


Monster Spyro*

Monster Trigger Happy

Monster Gill Grunt**

Dark Monster Spyro***

Dark Monster Trigger Happy***

Series 4Edit

Fireblast Spyro

Sniper Trigger Happy

Champion Terrafin

Sensei Stealth Elf

Explosion Eruptor*

Swordfighter Chop Chop

Dark Fireblast Spyro***

Dark Sniper Trigger Happy***

Dark Sensei Stealth Elf***

Series 3Edit

Mad Scientist Pop Fizz

Earthen Bash**

Frostbite Chill

High Voltage Zap

Series 2Edit

Intergalactic Star Strike

Swordfish Rip Tide

Spiky Pop Thorn

Lancer Fright Rider


Flying Color

There are currently no more wave 1 core characters. Submit one for your chance to win a spot here!


Lightcore Pop Thorn

Lightcore Chop Chop

Lightcore Flying Color