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This is my CC for Skylanders. Here's how it works: Get a picture, it doesn't matter where. Name it. Give it an element, biography, catchphrase, attacks, upgrades (don't forget Soul Gem and, if it's am S2, Wow Pow) and battle pose. Don't know what the Skylander elements are? You can either look it up, take a guess, or make your own. Then, make a page about it with all the info. We include made-up Skylanders, games, battle packs, triple packs, and adventure packs. This is different from the Skylanders Characters Creator wiki because we also have real Skylanders, but with made-up biographies and upgrades. Now get out there and start forming a team of Skylanders!

Caution: This is in no way affiliated with the actual Skylanders games. Also, if you want to create any counterpart (Dark, Legendary, Lightcore, etc.) except series 3, 4, 5, etc., you MUST create a page about it first. Include its catchphrase, biography, and upgrades, all of which can be made up if you want.


The first made-up Skylanders game is rolling in! Upload your Skylanders' name, and you're good! There are also infinite slots for counterparts. You can also comment on the game's page if you want your Skylander in a pack. Winners are chosen randomly! P.S. There are 15 slots left, 2 for every element except Magic, which has 1 slot, as well as 3 slots for Lightcores and 7 for starter, battle, and adventure packs. Also, it should look like this: Regular Skylanders first, in this elemental order: Magic, Tech, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life, Undead. Then, following the same elemental order, Lightcores next, then Legendaries, then Dark Skylanders, then all other after.

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