"Fear the fish!" -Gill Grunt's catchphrase

Gill Grunt is a fish Skylander who used to be in the Fish Defense Unit. He is in the water element.


Gill Grunt was once in the Fish Defense Unit, once of the largest armies in all Skylands, with a strong hatred of trolls. Armed with a harpoon gun, hose, and jetpack combo, there was no challenge he couldn't take on, and about a 0.6% chance of him losing. But his friend Spyro convinced him to join the Skylanders, where he could defeat even more trolls.


Basic Powers

Harpoon: Shoot a harpoon.

Water Hose: Shoot water from a hose.


Flying Fish: Fly with a water jetpack.

Barbed Harpoons: Fire barbed harpoons.

Bubble Gun: Water hose fires bubbles.

Hot Water: Water hose does even more damage.

Path 1: Harpoon Cartoon

Rock it Five Ways: Fire five-pronged harpoons.

Pierce the Heart: Harpoons travel through enemies.

Triple Harpoons: Fire triple harpoons.

Path 2: Bubble Trouble

I'm Stuck in a Bubble!: Bubbles trap enemies.

Bubble Pop: Extra damage is dealt when the bubble is popped.

Skeletonized: Pirahnas are inside the bubbles.