Flying Color

"I passed with flying colors!"

-Flying Color's catchphrase

Flying Color is a rainbow being who is in the Magic element.


Flying Color was Whirlwind's best friend. One day when playing a game of tag, Spyro flew over and told Whirlwind to get a move on towards Shattered Island, where the Mabu were being attacked by Cyclopses. Flying Color decided to help. Not only did she defeat the Cyclopses AND get into the Skylanders, she did it with, well, flying colors.


Starting Powers

Rainbow Shoot: Fire a rainbow at enemies.

Firework Fountain: Shoot three fireworks into the air.


Shape-Shift: Change shape to something else, rainbows are faster as a unicorn, while fireworks are stronger as a dragon.

Double Rainbow: Rainbows do increased damage.

That one's red, that one's blue: Fireworks alternate between different kinds. Red ones do lasting damage, yellow ones leave damaging sparks, while green ones have no special effect.

Galloping: You are now faster as a unicorn.

Path 1: Colorful

Triple Rainbow: Rainbows do maximum damage.

Fourth of July: New fireworks are unlocked. Blue ones split into three, purple ones come to life and fight for you.

What does it mean?: Shoot three rainbows at once, and become able to shoot them rapidly.

Path 2: Shapeshifter

Spiky Scales: Do damage on contact as a dragon.

Changing of Elements: Now you can become a griffin which moves fast, and a phoenix which makes fireworks faster.

Hybrid: Become able to breed creatures together to gain both their effects.